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mellow yellow nails, and coral lipstick. 

so i’ve decided to stop procrastinating/being lazy, and alter some of the dresses/shirts/jeans/etc that i’ve thrifted over the last, like, month.
i’m doing this floral granny dress first…i’m excited, it’s going to look fucking awesome.

i’ll post pictures once i’m done, before and afters.
i don’t think anyone will care…but hey, we’ll see.

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oh yeah, got my laptop back today and found these pictures. he is the bestestestestest, ever.

i feel extra lonely tonight. i miss my boy.
just took more than the recommended about of tylenol PM.
i hope it kicks in soon, busy day tomorrow.
i’m excited. goodnight tumblr. 

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should i dye my hair red again, or do this whole cruella thing? i can’t decide. well, i can’t decide if i could pull off cruella hair, that is the real problem here. because i want it, it’s cool/cute. wah.

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